Pressure Washing Albany NY

Need roof cleaning service? Graffiti removal? Looking to enhance your home’s appearance? Call us in Albany NY today at 518-424-9154!

Pressure Washing

Since 2005, Pressure King in Niskayuna, NY has been providing residential and commercial pressure washing services to Albany and surrounding areas. We specialize in pressure washing a variety of surfaces including vinyl, wood and aluminum siding, decks, brick, stone, stucco, concrete and more. Our mission is to ensure you receive the best cleaning possible. From graffiti removal to deck sealing and staining to concrete patio pressure washing, no job is too large or small for our experts!

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning your building’s exterior greatly enhances its appearance, which also increases your property value.  You may not realize how dirty your home or business is until you have it cleaned by Pressure King. As one of the most affordable and easy improvements, you can make, depend on us to thoroughly clean your siding, patio, driveway, deck, windows, and even vehicles! We offer commercial vehicle washing to handle even the largest fleets.

Soft Roof Cleaning

If your roof is stained by black streaks, algae or mold, rely on us to leave it looking new again. We know the right soft cleaning methods to use on your specific roof. Our professionals have the experience and equipment to quickly and affordably clean your shingle roof, no matter how old it is.

House Washing

We offer house washing services for all sized jobs at Pressure King. Whether you have vinyl, aluminum or wood siding, our specialists ensure a properly cleaned exterior. We can save you costly restoration and repair service down the road. We also apply a house wax which is a protective layer to help keep your siding cleaner for longer.

Gutter Cleaning

If you receive house washing service from us, we include gutter cleaning for free. We will hand brush your gutters with a specialty cleanser and rinse them on low pressure, leaving them looking brand new again! We are the premier pressure washing business in Albany, NY, so call us today!

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a gentle yet highly effective cleaning solution offered by our pressure washing business, designed to safely remove dirt, algae, mold, and other organic stains from delicate surfaces, like roofs and siding, without the risk of damage. Choose our soft washing service for a safe, thorough, and environmentally friendly cleaning alternative.